Physical Education Center Features

Our Concept

Students can get sports experiences, enjoy the moment of doing sports, feel out the charm of sports and derive satisfaction and sense of accomplishment with the help of all the movements of body. Thus, students will be trained to become successful learners, having a good physical fitness and able to establish lifelong exercise habit. Creativity and fun teaching are strongly implemented to enhance the outcome of student’s learning and further improvement in their personality and morality.

Our Target

  1. Strengthening student’s health fitness, enhance self-health management skills, get to know how to avoid sports injuries and learn basic first aids sports injuries.
  2. Improve exercising skills, techniques and apply capabilities. Train up students in learning second expertise in sports.
  3. Bring up student’s ability in admiring sports activities, let them learn about competition rules, enrich their leisure time with activities and develop a good exercise habit for lifelong.
  4. Teach students the spirit of sportsmanship, emphasize on teamwork and able to complete the ideal as a team.
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